The Final: Spain-Denmark. Press conference

The Final

Valero Rivera (Spanish head coach): "Congratulations to the Danish team. I am very disappointed that the Danish coach is not here. We have lost four times against Denmark and now that we win the first time he is not here. That is against the IHF Code. I can not point out one player. A dream comes trough. I have to thank all my players of the last four years, including those who are not here today due to different reasons. I also have to thank the spectators here in Barcelona. This victory in this town and in this arena is incredible.This match is so different especially with this score. I think of all persons who have participated in one way or the other to achieve this victory".

Alberto Entrerríos (Spain): "My thanks goes to all my friends, family, my brother, coach, teammates and the technical staff. It is a special day for me not only because of the victory but it was my last international match and what a better way to end a carrier than with a victory. I would also like to congratulate the Danish, Croatian and Slovenian teams to their achievements."

Danish assistant coach: "On behalf of our coach I would like to tell the following: We are very disappointed. Not only about the way we have played but also about the score. We have tried everything but nothing worked. We are happy about the silver medal and our matches during the tournament."

Landin (Denmark): "Spain played very well. We played a good tournament exept this match. I congratulate the Spanish team for this victory. We are back next year."

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