Bronze final. Slovenia-Croatia. Press conference

Press Room

Boris Denic (Slovenian head coach): “Today we did not reach the play level we had during this tournament. I would like to thank my team for the good tournament they have played. We have to go on playing and working to improve our play. Croatia was today the best team.”

Primoz Prost (Slovenia): “We tried everything, but we did not found our way.Especially at the beginning of the second half,when we had to face a 0:7 run from Croatia. All our mistakes were punished immediately. That is why Croatia won. Congatulations for this 3rd place.”
Slavko Goluza (Croatian head coach): “I would like to congratulate every player from the first to the last. All of them had fought to obtain this victory. After yesterday’s loss it was not easy for us to come back and to play today as we did.I say since the beginning of this tournament that Slovenia is one of my favorites. I saw them during the last European Championships and since then I know what they can achieve.For me, it was not a good match to watch. The second half was decisive when we shot easy goals despite the fact that we were one player down. Both teams have a bright future. It was a bad circumstance that Slovenia had to play against us. If it would have been another team, Slovenia would have had a chance to win the bronze medal. I would like to congratulate my friend, he Slovenian coach and his team.”
Jakov Gojun (Croatia): “After yesterday’s defeat it was tough for us to play today and to find the right level for this important match. But after the team meeting we were all motivated.We were overrun by the Danish team. I am proud to see that two countries from Balkan region have played for the bronze medal. It shows the good work which is made in this countries. The bronze medal is also for the spectators who supported us from the first match.”
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