Semi-finals: Denmark-Croatia. Press conference

Press Room

Ulrik Wilber (Danish head coach): "I think that the match developed as we have planned and hoped. We have prepared it seriously because we have a great respect for Croatia. We wanted to start fast and then reduce the speed in our match. This plan worked and was successful for us. We had a good defense, good fast brakes and a good attack. I am very proud of my team."

Henrik Toft (Denmark): "It was the best match of Croatia, but we had a good defense and a good attack. Now, we will play with Spain in the final in Spain and it will be very difficult too."
Slavko Goluza (Croatian head coach): "The match against France has cost us a lot of energy. In addition to that, we had  to travel to Barcelona, which took us five hours. We also had a lot of injured and  sick players. We simply had not enough power for this match. We started badly in the first half. Each attack of Denmark was a goal. We really  played a bad first half. We faced a strong Danish team, which took advantage of  each mistake we made. Now we have to focus on the match against Slovenia to win the bronze medal."
Igor Vori (Croatia): "We have lost our second semifinal within the last six month. We were close to  two goals in the second half, but Denmark always had luck in receiving the rebounds. Now we have to play against Slovenia and we want a medal. With a medal you feel always like a winner. I also want to congratulate each one of our players. It was a good tournament for our young players. Tomorrow  will be another day and we will prepare this upcoming match."
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