Semi-finals: Spain-Slovenia. Press conference

Press Room

Valero Rivera (Spanish head coach): "I am really happy with the result and with the match. First, I would like to congratulate the  Slovenian team and its coach because they make this sport beautiful, and because they have good individual and collective tactics. Regarding the match, we knew that in the first part the defensive retreat would be difficult. When we were almost situated they made 3-4 goals. I think the fatigue influences all the teams, but I think we made a good defense and the goalkeeper did a good job. We did a good match and a great first part. Then, the match was already over. I would like to thank the people because the as the supporters in Madrid and Zaragoza did, Barcelona also helped us to win. We hope that on Sunday we could repeat the story and we could reach our dream."

Arpad Sterbik (Spain): I am also really happy for this victory. I've never played a World Championship final. I saw a lot of Slevenia matches and I was afraid. They have a young team with a lot of ambition, they have also 2 or 3 veteran players and I think they  played really good. We had a little bit of pressure, but we did a good defense and we made some easy turnover goals. Nowadays, winning a team 6 to 6 is really complicated, you need a good defense.

Boris Denic (Slovenian head coach): "Congratulations to the Spanish team because they did a fair and correct game and they deserve the victory. For my side, I could imagine that for the spectators it was not a beautiful game today, but for the ones who know handball, they know it was a very strong match. The Spanish goalkeeper was decisive for the match and he will also be for the tournament. The goalkeeper saved the right balls in the right moments and this was crucial for the outcome of the match. In the attack they were not very superior but the goalkeeper was the key."

Miha Zvizej (Slovenia): "I think the match for us was very hard. We lost too many balls in the second half and the Spaniards, as fast as they play, they just took advantage from that and took the lead for six or seven goals, so for us it was very hard to come back. Of course I want to congratulate them, I think they deserve it. Tomorrow we have another chance for the medal, so we'll go for that. "

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